Dustin Stephan

Dustin Stephan

The Gallery

The Gallery is a room scale Virtual Reality experience developed for the HTC Vive.

Part of a project for the Building Virtual Worlds class at Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center: our team of 5 spent two weeks rapid prototyping and iterating on the concept of naive guests interacting with famous works of art. We wanted the experience to differ between which painting and art style the guest is immersed in, allowing the guest to participate in a range of interactions. This created a more compelling and diverse experience, but we had to work to avoid causing the guest too much confusion by developing interactions that built on top of each other so they can finish the puzzles successfully to achieve a sense of accomplishment.

Our "world" or project was awarded the opportunity to showcase our experience at the ETC festival. This gave us the opportunity to spend another week polishing our experience while setting up a themed space to represent the physical gallery.

Experience overview;

The guest enters a themed art gallery space with various paintings on the wall. The major paintings in the space are Birth of Venus and Face of Mae West.